Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Items of the Iceman

One of the most important and significant items that was found with the Iceman is the copper axe. Upon analysing the chemical makeup of the axe, it provides scientists with a significant amount of information about the time in which he lived.

This axe is not only a tool that was used to carry out duties such as to cut down trees. It was also a symbol of rank among the group. The was in which this copper axe has been made has amazed many scientists. During the time they estimate the iceman to have lived, they did not believe that the people were as technologically advanced as to require such an ingenious device to be made. As copper is not usually found in a pure form, it has to be 'smelt'. Until the discovery of the Iceman, it was always believed by scientists and scholars that such an advanced technique was discovered later on it time. With such advances, it is believed that the one to carry the axe must retain some kind of significant status as tribal leaver of warrior.

Just from this one object, scientists today discover a lot about the life of the people living during this time. They were more advanced than they had previously given credit for, being quite capable of learning and evolving.  More information on the copper axe

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