Thursday, 22 March 2012

Custodianship and ownership of the Iceman & Ethics involved

Where the Iceman was actually found became a dispute between Austria and Italy. There is a boarder between the two countries that was carefully analysed upon this dispute. The results from the survey of the border revealed that the find was roughly 90 meters from the boarder in the South Tyrol, meaning that it was in Italy's side of the boarder. Through all this dispute, South Tyrol has claimed property rights. As the finds are currently in Innsbruck University (Austria) South Tyrolean Authorities have allowed the University to continue their investigations.

In regards to the ethical issues of displaying the body, many people believe that displaying the body goes against all moral values. The person that they are putting on display is just like all of us and if we were to die, we would want to be left alone and undisturbed, not investigated and pulled apart. But with all moral standings put aside, this mummy is one of the most important historical finds ever discovered. By examining the evidence, scientists have been able to gather a lot of evidence about the time in which the Iceman lived. It is then a relevant point to argue that the people of the public must also be allowed to bare witness to the discovery that has proven so much about human history.

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